Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brandon Jennings' Tattoos

I was inspired to do this,ever since there was a site about LeBron James' and Lil Wayne's tats.

Here are some of Brandon Jennings tattoos.

This one is inside of his right bicep and says "Black Jesus" as you can see.

This one is also on his right hand and it says "Jeanette".I'm not sure but it might be a tribute to his mother.

On his right hand again.You can see a sad scull (you'll see it better in the next picture)

As I mentioned,there is a sad scull and a laughing scull.I think the tattoo says "Laugh Now,Cry Later",but Brandon did his own one with sculls,instead with masks.

On his right hand again,below his "Laugh now,Cry later" tattoo.I can't say exactly,but I think that's his hood Compton with some sign above it.

Again on his right hand,on the forearm to be exact.I can only recognize some "Rock" letters,but the rest is unclear to me.

This tattoo is inside of his left bicep and as you can see says "Family" and has a big "J" under it.

Another look at the "Family" tattoo.

A tattoo on his left bicep.It has a Christian Cross and clouds around it."Terrance" is written on the right of the Cross,but I don't know who is Terrance.It might be his father or a dead friend of him.

On his left forearm,it's Compton with text on his wrist.Brandon got it before the NBA Play-offs.

This one is on his left leg and says "Messiah".

Another look at the "Messiah" tattoo.

As you can see it says "Dedicated".You can also see his tattooed chain.

"Sakoya".I don't know what does it mean.

Some story I guess,but I have no clue what does it say.

That's about it ladies and gentleman,I hope you find it interesting.

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